Building independent media products and services, and helping others do the same


I'm Zac, a London based maker of products and technology consultant. In a world of ever confusing media and technology, I started Things & That to help brands, agencies, and individuals meet the future head-on with independent design, development and insights.

Emmly Live. Live video sports training.

Emmlly a live and interactive video training tool for sports coaches, athletes, and instructors. Giving them the ability to engage with their audience in realtime, whilst earning for their time and knowledge their time.

Unalike. Giving stories a voice.

After years in the media and publishing world, I was fed up watching writers and publishers at the whim of big tech and advertising, a world devoid of creative ownership and freedom, so I created a publishing platform designed for writers, creators, journalists, and publishers. With tools that reimagine the way you create, publish, and own stories.


I'm not only passionate about making, but also helping other do the same with hands-on development and technology strategy consultancy. Specialising in platform design and development, specifically high performant front-end builds, e-commerce with headless and hosted Shopify, bespoke content management systems and publishing, live and streaming video services, and audio.

Since starting, I've worked with teams across the UK, Europe and the Middle East, with brands such as Beryl, IBM, Monitise, Tesco, EE, and News UK. Designing and building products that future-enable creators with tools and services that have purpose and meaning. When there's something I can't do, or I need an extra hand, I partner with a network of passionate independent providers to tailor solutions to projects large and small.


Shopify e-commerce and headless content managed website build for a London based bike mobility and product company.


Shopify e-commerce and chatbot for a fashion start-up.

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If you'd like to work with me, hire me freelance, debate the future of technology over a beer 🍺, or pet my dog Rocket 🚀 please contact me at, stalk me on... Instagram / Facebook / LinkedIn / Github